Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer is Here!

At last the sun has decided to shine on our little island.

Time to think of BBQs and trips away with the caravan.
And don't forget the weddings.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Garden Shame!

I have a little vegetable patch tucked away in a corner of my garden.


it does not look good!!

Hidden amongst all the weeds were two hidden treasures......

a hidden but healthy row of rocket that must have reseeded from last years crop


a beautiful violet!

I think I have some serious gardening to do now!!

A Summer Wedding

Wedding season is upon us.

My sister-in-law to be asked if I would design and make their wedding invites.

What fun I had cutting and sticking!

The end result :)

Aprons - short or long?

A spring apron. Freshly produced and ready to wear.

I love it! It's bright and cheerful with a generous measure of girlie-ness.

But should it have been a cover all apron?

My mum prefers these short sized aprons. What do I prefer?

If the truth were to be told.......I always forget to wear one!

Only when covered in cooking do I remember what I should have worn.

Come to think of it I should probably cover up.

I must dig out the pattern for Amy Butler's domestic goddess aprons......

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Fresh Idea

I love reading blogs. I love the fact that the writer could be anywhere in the world and most likely someone I will never meet. I love the ideas and the inspiration strangers can share. I am also incredibly nosey!