Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Today I Made........

Today I made my list of goals for 2012.

Christmas saw the arrival of a kindle. I wasn't sure if I would like it,
 but I can definitely say 'I love it'.
Within a couple of hours I had loaded up about 30 books,
 and not at vast expense either.

The best book so far has been
"How to do Everything and be Happy"  by Peter Jones
( no, not the Dragon's Den man!)
This is a great little book about list making and Goal setting.

I have written my 'Now List' and my 'Wish List' and my 'Goals List'.
Also making monthly dates in my diary as to when I will work on my lists.

I won't bore you with my now list or wish list at this time, but here are my goals-

1. I am a successful crafter.
 I have a blog,an etsy account and regularly attend craft fairs.
(by 31st Dec. 2012)

2. I weigh under 10 stone. I am a target member at Slimming World.
(by 31st Dec. 2012)

3. I cook a meal from scratch daily, using vegetables I have grown myself.
(by 31st Dec. 2012)

As none of the statements are remotely true at the moment,
 other than I have a blog and am a member of Slimming World,
I have a lot of work to do!

As you can see from today's photos I am also putting forward an excuse
as to why there is very little crafting going on.
Before the holiday I decided to move my work place into the study.
I think I know where to start.....

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  1. good luck with your goals wendy i am such a list maker that book sounds fab :)
    i really dont know if i can go down the kindle route but my neice had one for christmas so i was impressed with it a little lol x