Monday, 7 January 2013

Looking Back

This time last year I was full of plans and resolutions.
I did loose weight .........
but then I found it again!
I did write the odd blog post and took part in a couple of craft fairs,
but that's as far as my crafting business went.
I did cook a lot of family meals from scratch
but not using my own home grown vegetables.
Are you supposed to carry over your resolutions to the next year?
Just after my last blog post way back in September,
tragedy struck our happy life.
Our little friend Ozzy ( our springer spaniel),
died suddenly. The vet suspected he had eaten something poisonous.
Oz was my companion and made me get out and walk.
 Sometimes we would walk for 2 hours.
If you look closely at the last post you should spot him climbing out of the river.
He loved nothing better than splashing around in water.
I miss him.

A new year a new start.
And yes I guess I am carrying over last years goals.
They still seem like a good idea.

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